August 12th, 2011


Thor rec: Darcy/Loki, rated PG-13, by Aria

Fandom Category: Thor (movie-verse)
Pairing: Loki/Darcy Lewis
Fic Title: Sigyn (binding is not punishment)
Author: Aria
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13; dark themes
Genre: Drama
WIP?: Part 1 of a series. (I'm not sure if she's doing more, but they seem self-contained.)

Why This Must Be Read: Not only does this author bring two unlikely characters together and manage to keep their personalities true, but she also does a beautiful job of weaving together Norse mythology with popular culture. It's a fascinating, breath-taking read. I also recommend reading the second part, Ragnarok (release tips the balance) for a more in-depth progression of their relationship.
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Parks and Recreation, 2 Recs, Leslie/Ben and Ann/Chris

Fandom Category: Parks & Recreation
Pairing: Leslie Knope/Ben Wyatt, Ann Perkins/Chris Traeger, April Ludgate/Andy Dwyer
Fic Title: next stop, the world
Author: synecdoche
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No
Summary: Leslie decides to run for office, antics ensue.

Why This Must Be Read: I'd held off reccing this until it was finished, because it is long and fabulous and engrossing. It deals with where S3 leaves off, and remains wonderfully real amongst the romantic and political antics of Ben and Leslie. The absolute best selling point, to me, was the wonderfully integration of everyone else on the show, especially April and Andy. As loveable as they are, they also read as people who know a thing or two about love and provide Ben with a lovely balance to Leslie and Ann's friendship. synecdoche also manages to write a very cute balance into the Ann/Chris dynamic, which IMO was quite lacking on the show. It honestly feels like a few episodes of Season 4.

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