August 4th, 2011

[Misc] Mercy

"Lifetime in a moment" by blueflamefreak (K+)

Fandom Category: Aliens
Pairing: Pvt. J. Vasquez/Lt. S. Gorman
Fic Title: Lifetime in a moment
Author: blueflamefreak
Link: FF.Net
Rating/Warning(s): K+
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 5/48

Why This Must Be Read: This pairing is one of those 'blink and you will miss it' ones. The only real interaction they have is in this one moment but one could write a whole book about what Vasquez meant when she said those words. blueflamefreak did a really great job giving them a background that's believeable and still in-character. I grin everytime I imagine Vasquez as a girl, scowling because he pulled her hair. <3

Leverage - Eliot/Parker: Not Gone Fishin'

 Fandom Category: Leverage
Pairing: Eliot/Parker
Fic Title: Not Gone Fishin'
Author: shabbytiger
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Humor/Drama
WIP?: Y, and as a total bonus she updates almost everyday. 

Summary: The team has some time off, and Hardison begs Eliot to take Parker with him on his fishing trip so she doesn't get in trouble. So now, Parker's in the truck as they road trip to the wedding Eliot was actually going to. But the two seem to keep stirring up these feelings..

Why This Must Be Read: This is funny and smart and sexy and interesting and oh the tension is wonderful. We get a little backstory for Parker, a whole bunch of roadside antics and pit stops and even a few Bucket list mentions.I  get so excited whenever she updates - which is almost every day. She creates this amazing tension between Parker and Eliot for being attracted to each other while Parker's technically dating Hardison; it's like angst-lite. Totally wonderful.

Leverage - Eliot/OFC - The Library Job

Fandom Category: Leverage
Pairing: Eliot/OFC
Fic Title: The Library Job
Author: a striking mind
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: Romance/Adventure/Drama

Summary: The Team have been called in to help stop two greedy men from destroying the Boston Public Library. The team however gets more than they bargained for with librarian, Charlotte Livingston. How can the team handle two cons and a nosy red head?

Why This Must Be Read:  So I'm as skeptical of an OFC as anyone, but as I'm currently writing an Eliot/OFC fic I like to give them a  shot. And what slam-dunk this is! Charlotte is intelligent, witty and fierce but has a great balance of having that soft underside. Her and Eliot fight like a cat and a dog and it's really fun to watch. The case itself is interesting and I love the fumbles she has written for the team. The true gem here is the dialogue and the slow way she's getting Charlotte and Eliot to realize there's more to each other than the eye sees. 

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