July 20th, 2011


"The Witching Hour" by laiqualaurelote (PG)

Fandom Category: Harry Potter
Pairing(s): Nymphadora Tonks/Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley
Fic Title: The Witching Hour
Author:  laiqualaurelote 
Link: http://laiqualaurelote.wordpress.com/2008/01/05/the-witching-hour/
Rating/Warning(s): PGish (dark, but not much darker than the books get)
Genre: Snapshot, character studies, a bit of angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: A short series of snippets surrounding the goings-on at 12 Grimmauld Place the summer prior to Year 5. As the author writes, "The people at 12 Grimmauld Place don’t sleep. Most of them, they can’t." Some are together, others alone, and everyone is restless as ills winds rustle the trees outside. laiqualaurelote 's prose is haunting and tense, and the characters are each perfectly rendered here, especially Harry, who always did seem to bear too few (non-literal) scars from a pretty terrible childhood.

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