June 21st, 2011

Lessons by Amelia_scars

Fandom Category: the Borgias
Pairing: Lucrezia Borgia/Cesare Borgia
Fic Title: Lessons
Author: amelia_scars
Rating/Warning(s): t
Genre: romance, oneshot
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: This is short and lovely - a lost scene from 1.04 where Cesare follows up on Giulia's lesson on kisses and innocent but spirited Lucrezia masters her lessons quite well. Again, the general feeling that shines through the piece is the mutual adoration between Lucrezia and Cesare.

M*A*S*H, 3 recs, Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce

Hi, y'all! I am actually purely on lj to lurk, but I saw the request for M*A*S*H fics, and I fear these three are sitting in the backlogs, gathering dust. This is only my second or so post ..of all time.. so I hope you enjoy! No real epic , plotty romances, but great in-character pieces that do the relationship justice.

Fandom Category:
Pairing: Margaret Houlihan/Hawkeye Pierce
Fic Title: Tuxedo Junction
Author: simgirl 
Link: here!
Rating/Warning(s): pretty PG, discussion of physical activity and boozing but nothing too bold.
Genre: romance
WIP?: nope.
Why This Must Be Read: My favorite Hawkeye/Hot Lips "what if?" for the post-series. Sets the two at a random medical conference but lacks the contrivance most fics with the same plot seem to thrive on. Nicely plays off the time period with the music, setting, and language and maintains a certain fantasy-like quality while remaining realistic and in-character. 

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And now.. I slink back into lurkerdom. If I did this incorrectly, please let me know so corrections can be made! Again, hope these are appropriate.