April 10th, 2011


Let's Play A Spy Game by hariboo_smirks (Chuck/White Collar)

Fandom Category: Chuck / White Collar
Pairing: Carina/Bryce Larkin/ Neal Caffrey, Sarah/Chuck
Fic Title: Let's Play A Spy Game
Author: hariboo
Link: http://hariboo-smirks.livejournal.com/253482.html
Rating/Warning(s): Spoilers up to end of the most recent season of White Collar, all aired eps of Chuck
Genre: Action/adventure, undercover, crossover
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read:
Oh, the world-blending is just a sight to behold in this. Honestly, with Carina as the bridge between WC-NY and Chuck-Burbank, and with both universes and every character involved just so wonderfully present (Morgan! June!), I can't rec this highly enough.

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The Intermittent Kissing Solution by svilleficrecs

First of all, apologies for the forthcoming rec-spam. Due to a combination of extra shifts at work, the DDoS attack on livejournal, and computer troubles, I fell behind in my het_reccers  duty.

Fandom Category: The Middleman
Pairing: Wendy Watson/The Middleman
Fic Title: The Intermittent Kissing Solution
Author: svilleficrecs 
Link: Part One and Part Two.
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, noncon, dubious consent, explicit sex.
Genre: Action, Romance.
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 4 of 21.

Why This Must Be Read: What I love best about the aliens made them do it/mate or die (or, in this case, sex-inducing ray gun) trope is not the trope itself but the aftermath. After they've been forced to have sex, how is the characters' relationship affected? How do they move past it (or do they)? The Intermittent Kissing Solution is a perfect aftermath fic that keeps the humor and topsy-turvy timekeeping of the source material. In addition, the slow reveal of exactly what happened (both in regards to the characters and the reader) ratchets the tension up and keeps it high.


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To The Victor, The Spoil by annakovsky

Fandom Category: The Hunger Games
Pairing: Katniss Everdeen/Haymitch Abernathy
Fic Title: To The Victor, The Spoil
Author: annakovsky 
Link: Part One and Part Two.
Rating/Warning(s): Off-screen compulsory prostitution. Violence. Age difference. NC-17.
Genre: AU.
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 5 of 21

Why This Must Be Read: It changes one thing in the ending of The Hunger Games and shows how Haymitch and Katniss would handle the consequences. To quote the spoilery summary: Collapse )

This fic is heartbreaking and hysterical with lovely cameos from Finnick, Cinna, and Johanna, but the root of it is Haymitch and Katniss and their fucked-up relationship and you all know that's like catnip to me. (My one is quibble is that I'm not totally sold on how Katniss breaks at the end, but the pitch-perfectness of everything else makes up for it.)


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