April 3rd, 2011

anastasia | memory of a dream

For Every Float, There Must Be A Drowning by dress without sleeves

Fandom Category: Anastasia
Pairing: Anastasia "Anya" Nikolaevna Romanova/Dimitri
Fic Title: For Every Float, There Must Be A Drowning
Author: dress without sleeves
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4153515/1/for_every_float_there_must_be_a_drowning
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 2 of 21

Why This Must Be Read: This story has a fantastic Dimitri voice and a wonderful pace; it's snapshots of Dimitri and his growing affections for Anya and despite relating closely to the movie it never feels repetitive.


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lots | fierce ladies

Good Clean Fun by stainofmylove

Fandom Category: Misfits
Pairing: Alisha Bailey/Simon Bellamy
Fic Title: Good Clean Fun
Author: stainofmylove
Link: http://community.livejournal.com/girljustdied/57644.html?#cutid1
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 (and how)
Genre: screwed up romance.
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 3 of 21

Why This Must Be Read: Misfits, as a show, twists the superhero genre by giving powers to a group of anti-social and self absorbed teenagers who misuse their powers far more than they use them for good or even practical reasons. Good Clean Fun is about how bent Alisha and Simon are and how they're bent in really, really, ridiculously compatible ways.


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The Blood in Your Skin by anythingbutgrey (PG)

Fandom Category: Fringe
Pairing: (Alt)Olivia Dunham/Lincoln Lee
Fic Title: The Blood in Your Skin (Or: Ten things that may or may not have happened to Lincoln and Olivia)
Author: anythingbutgrey
Link: http://anythingbutgrey.livejournal.com/793302.html
Rating/Warning(s): Spoilers 3.18, character death
Genre: Angst, romance
WIP?: complete

Why This Must Be Read: I know I just recc'd an AltLivia/Lincoln story, but after the last episode they're coming out all over and there is more awesome to be shared so I'm sharing it! This fic is wonderful. It covers the duration of their relationship and runs the gamut of emotions. Awesome characterization, fun banter, an enjoyable ride and a heartbreaking conclusion - just what I expect from the show. Definitely worth a read (or two)!

We'll Make It a Joint Venture, by neko_chelle (g)

Fandom Category: Up
Pairing: Ellie Fredricksen/Carl Fredricksen
Fic Title: We'll Make It a Joint Venture
Author: neko_chelle (fivefootnothing)
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/collections/yuletide2009/works/32633
Rating/Warning(s): general audience
Genre: Backstory and missing scenes
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: 'Cause who did not leave that movie feeling for the Carl/Ellie love story? *sniffles* This flushes out their backstory, with wonderful characterization and humor, blending canon into a very touching story. It's so full of affection and love, and expands beautifully on the snippets the movie showed.

Instinct by scorpioD1 -NC17

Fandom Category: the vampire diaries
Pairing: Elena Gilbert/Stefan Salvatore
Fic Title: Instinct
Author: sorpiod1
Rating/Warning(s): nc17, bloodplay, rough vampire sex
Genre: romance

Why This Must Be Read: the wonders of a freshly turned, hyper-emotional but oh-so-in-character Vampire Elena in the woods with her-desperately-trying-to-stay-stoic Stefan. No need to say, things between them get even more intense than usual when Elena decides to 'gently' coax the monster out of her man. Stefan and Elena are already beautiful onscreen: what makes their love so wonderful is their unlimited capacity for mutual acceptance, the way they take care of each other so completely without ever stifling each other. Well, I can only say this fic portrays that part of their relationship magnificently.