March 30th, 2011

Music to my soul by justright, M

Fandom Category: Charmed
Pairing: Phoebe Halliwell/Cole Turner
Fic Title: Music To My Soul
Author: justright
Rating/Warning(s): M
Genre: romance, drama, au
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This isthe first PC fics I've EVER read and yet one of my all time favorites. Maybe my very favorite in an absolute sense. It's an all human AU where Phoebe and Cole come together from a past of bitterness and darkness, and it's so poetically told it makes you to remember it long time after you read it. It also takes place in early 1900 so it gives even off a nice retro feeling.
Maria Hill, Avengers

Nikita, Two Recs, Michael/Nikita

Fandom Category: Nikita, 2010
Pairing: Michael/Nikita
Fic Title: Found You Lost
Author: maharetr
Rating/Warning(s): "Teen and Up," Sexual content.
Genre: drama, angst, missing scene from "Rough Trade" (1x04)
WIP?: Nope.  Oneshot.

Why This Must Be Read: Because in the words of Maggie Q, "Michael and Nikita fight because they can't have sex," and this fic displays that (accurate) statement wonderfully.  Additionally, it's well-written and perfectly-in-character.

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