March 24th, 2011

In Her Wake by Leni, G

Fandom Category: The Tudors
Pairing: Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII
Fic Title: In Her Wake
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: supernatural, aganst, romance, post-series
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: If you ever craved an Henry/AnneBoleyn bittersweet epilogue to the series, this oneshot is the reading for you. It's chilling, haunting and dark, and yet the epitome of gothic romance at the same time. All of Henry's wives still haunt White Hall during Elizabeth's reign, yet they all ignore Henry Tudor. Because even in death, Henry managed to do outdo himself to escape the natural responsabilities of his actions and he does not remember the terrible man he became, but only the young, impetuous sovrereign who ardently loved Anne Boleyn, and was loved back by her. And Anne? Well, she lets him forget.

In Bloom by XWaltzforVenusX , PG

Fandom Category: The O.C.
Pairing: Taylor Towsend/Ryan Atwood
Fic Title: In Bloom
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: AU, romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Firstly XWaltzforVenusX is probably the BEST author around for this pairing - she gets all the nuances of those crazy characters downright perfect and natural. In a twist of fate, Veronica sent Taylor to a boarding school, so Taylor never met the gang until she attends Berkeley and becomes teaching assistant to Professor Sandy Cohen. Obviously, Ryan and taylor slowly but leisurely gravitate toward each other. Yet,getting together is far from being the difficult part. The hardship comes after, because even while being a couple comes rather naturally to them, Ryan and Taylor have their different and heavy load of emotional baggage to hinder them on the way to happiness. And so, you get a wonderful portrayal of Ryan inner traumas and Talor's quirky craziness. This story makes a wonderful job of reminding me why I miss this ship every time I read it.

No More Love Yous by nikkisixirresistiblebitch, M

Fandom Category: The Vampire Diaries
Pairing: Bonnie Bennett/Damon Salvatore
Fic Title: No More Love Yous
Author: nikkisixirresistiblebitch
Rating/Warning(s): M, sexual situations
Genre: romance, aganst
Why This Must Be Read: I HAD bullied myself into not reccing any TVD fics for a long awhile but… to read this one not rec it would be like being insensitive to the beauty of life. I love that kind of fanfiction that guts you hard and deep in every chapter while leading you up to an happy, but not sappy resolution. This is EXACTLY that kind of fanfiction. A not so bizarre turn of events has Bonnie Bennett involved in a car accident, with subsequent coma and amnesia. And when she recovers with no memory with the worst two years of her life, none of her friends has the nerve of revealing all of the ugly truth to their newly innocent and carefree friend. Obviously, Damon Salvatore ends up being the main beneficiary of the situation since he accidentally becomes Bonnie’s friend, and accidentally falls in love with her. And since Damon is still a self-destructive psycho, all of his attempts of either sabotage or protect his blossoming romance with the witch are doomed from the start. And it’s fantastic, because even if you know with unmistakable certainty that it will end in blood and tears, you can’t stop reading because it’s such a terribly beautiful train wreck.

River by Leobrat, G

Fandom Category: Grey’s Anatomy
Pairing: Cristina Yang/ Owen Hunt
Fic Title: River
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: aganst, romance, character study
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: It’s a beautiful, introspective piece that explains how Owen felt since he left Iraq, and what Cristina came to mean to him. If you love Owen, you’ll like it.