March 18th, 2011

Nemesis by cruelangel101, PG

Fandom Category: Tudors
Pairing: Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn/Francis I
Fic Title: Nemesis
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre:AU, aganst,romance

Why This Must Be Read: Author's summary states -"Starting from the scene where Anne watched her brother's execution, Anne finds herself pregnant with the King's child. They thought she was saved, but the King still enraged and determined to marry Jane Seymour, chose to believe the child was the offspring of one of the executed man. Anne's execution was determined to proceed after the birth of her child. A plot from an unexpected family member, rescued her from the tower and in the most bizarre chain of events she ended up as the Queen of France. All the while her rival Jane Seymour rises to the position of Queen of England. Her heart cold from betrayal and filled with hopes for revenge, what would the future hold? Can new warmth melt her iced heart or will past spark ignite once more? This time when two men battle for her heart, the consequence is war."

After reading this, I approached the story with a certain scepticism, thinking it was all a bit too surreal for my tastes. Yet, all it took was the first two chapters and I was absolutely enchanted and addicted! Curuelangel took an unlikely twist on the original story and made it both believable and highly anjoyable.

It's mesmerizing to watch Anna finding her place as Queen of France, to see her talent for strategy finally blooming, now she is free from the ill-advising of her relatives. Her cold, focused thrist for vengeance comes across as nearly admirable and the elengant, intelligent way court politics are described is yet another point of strenght for the fic. While Francis marries Anne for politic reason, and she does not refuse him simply to not risk her 'cover' as Anne de Pisseleu d'Heilly, their growing friendship is a pleasant contrast to the fiery, love/hate passion Henry still inspires. You find tyourself not caring about the endgame at all, because the story is so good, you are too busy enjoying it every step of the way.