March 17th, 2011

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Write for Relief - Charity Fundraiser for Japan

With all the fandom auctions going on to aid Japan in their earthquake relief efforts, there's a multitude of new fanworks bound to be produced, and a boatload of donations piling in. AND THAT'S AWESOME. There are all sorts of authors and artists offering their services for charity, and we give them two thumbs up and a big HELLS YEAH for that. Here, we're doing something a little different.

The idea's simple. Just comment with a list of fics you've always wanted from fandoms that get less attention, or ships and pairings that don't get as much love. If someone can write 1k words about any of your fandoms/pairings, you donate $5 to the charity of their choice. Then you get your fic.

That's it.

$5 = 1k words of your dream fic.

Please write or donate if you can!

"Stories of Progress" by BlackEyedGirl (Teen and Up)

Fandom Category: White Collar
Pairing: Elizabeth Burke / Peter Burke, Kate Moreau / Neal Caffery
Fic Title: Stories of Progress
Author: BlackEyedGirl
Rating/Warning(s): Teen and Up
WIP?: No.

Why This Must Be Read: Okay, so it's not explicitly het--the author even categorizes it as gen.  But I disagree--the unique and deep interpersonal relationships are what make White Collar stand out from many other police-y procedural shows.  This fic follows Neal, mourning Kate post-Season 1, and the people in his life (Peter, El, June, Mozzie, Diana and Jones) helping him through the grief in their own ways.  As on television, the Burkes' relationship is smartly rendered as a partnership between equals and as something Neal might realize he wants for himself.  June's missives about her husband make me want to learn more about who the author thinks he was.  And Neal's relationship with Kate feels as cut-off and mysterious as it does on the show (even with what more we learned about her in Season 2, which admittedly came after this was written).  In all, even if "Stories of Progress" lacks the conventional trappings of a het fic, it's worth a read through that lens.

Special Rec: 27/35
BtVS Buffy tongue

"The Physiology of the Human Heart" by elsiesnuffin (M)

Fandom Category: Community
Pairing: Jeff/Annie
Fic Title: The Physiology of the Human Heart
Author: elsiesnuffin
Link: Part 1, Part 2
Rating/Warning(s): M
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Definitely one of the best Jeff/Annie fics out there. The author does a flawless job at characterization (not only of Jeff and Annie, but the entire group), and forms their relationship in a very believable and organic way. The entire story is just very...real, and awesome, and amazing, and every other positive adjective in the dictionary. Honestly I could go on and on for pages about how wonderful it is, but it would be much easier if you just clicked the link :)