February 8th, 2011


Challenge 58

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has bi-weekly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge 58:

Category: Friendship
Deadline: February 22
Challenge: Rec us your favorite Friendship fics - fics with pairings that may not be romantic in nature, or are pre-ship/UST. Any and all het pairings welcome! Just c/p the text below and post it as a new entry:

You do not need to ask for posting rights. Just become a member and rec your favorites!

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power girl

Gorillas and Penguins and Bonding, Oh My by dollsome (G)

Fandom Category:  30 Rock
Pairing:  Liz Lemon/Jack Donaghy
Fic Title:  Gorillas and Penguins and Bonding, Oh My
Author:  dollsome 
Link:  HERE
Rating/Warning(s):  G
Genre:  General/Fluff
WIP?:  Nope

Why This Must Be Read:  For Challenge 58, this is a great friendship fic.  Everything that dollsome  writes is pretty awesome, but I think she's especially gifted at bringing the quirky world of 30 Rock to life.  This fic is great because it doesn't have any underlying romance or ust, they just end up at the zoo discussing which animal they wish they were.  :)


Beholden by Medea Smyke (PG-13)

Fandom Category:  Hunger Games
Pairing:  Madge Undersee/Gale Hawthorne
Fic Title:  Beholden
Author:  Medea Smyke
Link:  HERE
Rating/Warning(s):  PG-13
Genre:  Drama
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read:  This plays off the part in Catching Fire when Madge brings the morphling for Gale.  The author tries to give a deeper explanation for why Madge took such a risk.  

"That's what nettles me. It's the implication that there's something going on between Gale and Madge. And I don't like it."  Maybe Madge had a taste for strawberries, maybe she was repaying a debt.

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Dirty Pretty Things by FallAway (nc-17)

Fandom Category:  Gossip Girl
Pairing: Blair Waldorf/Dan Humphrey
Fic Title: Dirty Pretty Things
Author: FallAway
Link: @ fanfiction.net
Rating/Warning(s): nc-17, sexual content, language
Genre: drama, romance, hurt/comfort
WIP?: No, big one-shot

Why This Must Be Read: The story picks up after graduation.  During this time, Blair and Chuck are going through the motions of a sick and very unhealthy relationship.  Blair knows this already but can't let go; she half-despises him, half-loves him.  And just when she can't take it anymore, when Chuck Bass is grating on her last nerve, making her feel used and nearly pitiful, Dan Humphrey manages to rescue our favorite Queen.  The two decide on being "allies", due to Dan's suggestion.  From there, Blair still goes through self-loathing routines with Chuck until she's at her breaking point and turns to her new "ally", knocking on his door with bleeding feet from a long walk and mascara running down her cheeks.  It's a story that shows development in character and in relationships, because it takes time for Blair to grow, as well as Dan himself.  This story was the first Dair fic I had ever come across and I am delighted it was; it's given me a pretty good impression of the pairing. 
Tulip O'Hare - Preacher

Offering by KC2 (T)

Fandom Category: The 10th Kingdom
Pairing: Virginia/Wolf
Fic Title: Offering
Author: KC2, Author at ff.net
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/659853/1/Offering
Rating/Warning(s): T, slight blood-play
Genre: Romance, adventure
WIP?: No, one-shot
Special rec: 7/31
Author’s Summary: Wolf, Virginia, rope and a decision in the barn at Little Lamb Village. Also, the real reason Virginia wore a ribbon around her neck for the Beautiful Sheperdess Contest.

Why This Must Be Read: This fic fills in the oh-so-missing scene in the mini-series when Wolf gets tied up in the barn by Virginia. It has a spot-on Wolf voice and Virginia’s inner monologue is revealing and simply lovely. Then it just gets hot and very sexy.

(And may I just apologize and thank our lovely mods for all the new tags they're having to make these days. Thank you! :D)
wake, kara/sam

character manifesto: Sam Anders, Battlestar Galactica

Fandom: Battlestar Galactica
Character: Samuel T. Anders
Pairings included in manifesto: Kara Thrace/Sam Anders, Tory Foster/Sam Anders, Laura Roslin/Sam Anders, Jean Barolay/Sam Anders, Anastasia Dualla/Sam Anders

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