February 3rd, 2011

7 Angel/Darla recs

Fandom Category: Angel
Pairing: Darla/Angel,
Fic Title: Fair Trade
Author: IceMink
Link: http://www.athenewolfe.com/justrewards/viewstory.php?sid=1039&chapter=1
NC-17, explicit sex, language
Romance,angst, supernatural, mystery
Why This Must Be Read:
It's the one post series Angel/Darla story I've ever been able to find. It has Angel reverted to his evil ways, and running his evil firm - but you don't get to know that until the very end, because for the most of the story, you only see a 1603 Virginia Colony,  where a young prostitute runs into trouble with one of her clients, and mysterious stranger who calls himself Angelus and acts strangely modern, comes to her rescue. Obviously, the young Elizabeth is the woman meant to become Darla someday, and Angelus is certainly not here to save her, like she will find out after a night of unrestrained sex.

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While I Kiss the Sky by monimala (PG-13-R)

Fandom Category: Veronica Mars/21 Jump Street
Pairing: Veronica Mars/Tom Hanson
Fic Title: While I Kiss the Sky series
Author: monimala
Link: http://malisita.com/ats/jumpstreetmars.html, http://malisita.com/ats/jumpstreetmars2.html, http://malisita.com/ats/jumpstreetmars3.html
Rating/Warning(s): T-M, Language, sexual situations, a rather big age gap between the characters
Genre: Romance, humor
WIP?: No, three stories
Special rec: 3/31
Author’s Summary: A crossover series with 21 Jump Street. Will life on Neptune help Tom Hanson escape the past?

Why This Must Be Read: Because yes, you read that right. Veronica Mars and Tom Hanson from 21 Jump Street. Tom owns a bowling alley and Veronica is in college. They are snarky, they are sexy and they are smart. The dialogue is fast and fun and there are some really thoughtful character insights that ring very true to both characters. And besides, didn’t you always wonder what happened to Tom?

The first link is more of a setting-things-up kind of chapter, the second link brings in Veronica.

P.S. While you're there, read everything else this author has written, including the Veronica Mars/James Bond crossover. You will not be disappointed!