December 24th, 2010

[thor] red rum

"Theories About Nuclear Winter" by hollycomb (pg13)

I feel like I should rec some Christmas fic, but I don't have any of that. In its place, nostalgia fic!

Fandom Category: Calvin & Hobbes
Pairing: Calvin/Susie
Fic Title: Theories About Nuclear Winter
Author: hollycomb
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): pg13
Genre: futurefic, angst
WIP?: No.
Special Rec: 14/20

Why This Must Be Read: Uh, it's deliciously detailed and heartbreaking Calvin & Hobbes fic? Okay, no, it's also other stuff. While I don't buy much into Calvin being a teen delinquent, this fic has Calvin disillusioned at the world: angry, confused, bored, and his first arrest under his belt. But it wasn't his fault. Really. He starts noticing Susie again, the girl he used to walk to school, and she makes him want to be better. It's a touching story, one of the few to ever hit me on an emotional level, with Calvin trying to be a grown up, even though he's really still a boy, too attached to a soft toy.
[thor] red rum

"All the Stars May Sine Bright" by niz4 (nc17)

Fandom Category: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Jess (Jess/Dean?)
Fic Title: All the Stars May Shine Bright
Author: niz4
Link: here
Rating/Warning(s): r-nc17
Genre: AU
WIP?: No
Special Rec: 15/20

Why This Must Be Read: I went through a horrid addiction to AUs where Jess lived, and this is my favourite. Jess is clearly alluded to as a Wendy-like figure, taking care of her lost boys, filling the gaps between them. It's a tough role: at once, she's mother, sister and lover, but it's clear the boys wouldn't know what to do without her. She's such a strong female character, taking hunting in her stride, and it makes me wish me knew more about her canonically, instead of her simply being Sam's girlfriend who died in the Pilot.
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1 Tudor Rec

Fandom Category: The Tudors
Pairing: Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII
Fic Title: Doubt
Author: ReganX
Rating/Warning(s): T/PG-13
Genre: Historical, AU, angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I've been a fan of The Tudors for a while, but it was only recently that I started investigating the fanfiction scene -- and I found this. I'm also a huge fan of Anne and Henry, and this is a gorgeous what-if for them. The basic premise of the story is the question of what if Henry had been given cause to doubt Anne's conviction of adultery? What if he'd investigated the matter himself, and discovered, once and for all, she was innocent of the charges? The story spirals from there, taking the characters in a completely different direction. Henry has quite a time of it, trying to earn back Anne's trust, and Anne has her own demons to deal with due to her close brush with death. An excellent, excellent story.

In addition to Doubt, I'd also like to recommend that you read ReganX's other Tudor stories as well. They're all amazing, but this one really caught my imagination.