December 11th, 2010

twilight: Rosalie/Edward Rec

Pairing: EDWARD/ROSALIE, with undertones of Bella/Edward and Emmett/Rasalie
Rating: M
Summary:Ever wonder why Rosalie and Edward are so cold towards one another? Their story from the start; in keeping with the books, but based on the idea that they're both masterful liars. Love, lust, betrayal, desire, lies, darkness and breaking points.
Genre:  Aganst, Romance
WIP?: Yes
Why This Must Be Read: For one, this story is not AU- It stays canon, working throught Stephenie Meyer's plotholes. It starts with Rosalie's turning, exploring the turbolent relationship that istantly forms between Edward and Rosalie, two individuals who are so frighteningly similiars in all uncomfortable places and despise each other for it. You might hate Twilight and still love this story because although it's often dark, it gives depth to every character  Meyers glossed over. The sibling relationship and deep understanding between Rosalie and Jasper here is something you will treasure, and you will understand why Rosalie and Edward hold on Bella and Emmett so strongly despite the irrestistible pull they feel to each other.