October 10th, 2010

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the scars we hide too well by surreallis (nc-17)

Fandom: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
Pairing: Olivia Benson/Elliot Stabler
Fic Title: the scars we hide too well
Author: surreallis
Link: http://surreallis.livejournal.com/525347.html
Rating/Warning(s): nc-17, adultery
Genre: Drama
Special Rec: 10/31

Why This Must Be Read: If I had to pick only xxx number of fic's to read for the rest of my life, and that was it, no more, no less, then this fic would be in the top three, no contest. The writing is clear, the imagery beautiful. There's touching and angst and hope and love. It's complicated and it's simple, and if the PTB ever do decide to finally deliver on what they've spent years torturing us with, then this is the way it should happen. This fic, in a word, is brilliant.