July 22nd, 2009


Challenge Nineteen

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has bi-weekly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge nineteen:

Category: Crack pairings
Fandom: Any
Deadline: August 5
Challenge: Rec us your favorite fics with the most unlikely and unusual ships. Never share screen time? No problem. Canonically loathe each other? Who cares? Anatomically incompatible? So what? The crackier the better! Any and all cracktastic het pairings welcome! Just c/p the text below:

You do not need to ask for posting rights. Just become a member and rec your favorites!

Feel free to pimp this comm to your friends so that we get more het fans!


seven days by cherryscott (NC-17)

Fandom Category: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean/human!Impala
Fic Title: Seven Days
Author: cherryscott
Link: story here
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: crack!angst!smut!

Why This Must Be Read: Because this is possibly one of the greatest SPN het fics ever written. The Impala, the one non-human thing Dean loves most on this earth is really a girl trapped in a fairytale-esque curse that only gives her a reprieve once every 13 years.

Caroline's Courtship by Rita H. (PG)

Fandom Category: Pride and Prejudice
Pairing: Caroline Bingley/George Wickham
Fic Title: Caroline's Courtship
Author: Rita H
Link: http://www.austen.com/derby/old_2002/ritah9.htm
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Because everyone loves crack!pairings, and it doesn't really get crackier in the Pride and Prejudice fandom than this. When the story starts everything has pretty much gone wrong for Caroline, her brother is engaged to Jane Bennet and Mr. Darcy is days away from proposing to Elizabeth. Throughout all of this she forms an unlikely friendship with one, Mr. Wickham which eventually turns into something more.
Muppets - Kermit

Dru's New Love by Lucinda (PG15)

Fandom Category: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The Muppets
Pairing: Dru/Super Grover
Fic Title: Dru's New Love
Author: Lucinda
Link: story here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-15, implied muppet sex (very implied)
Genre: Crack, Crossover, Humor
WIP?: No
Summary: Spike discovers that Dru has hooked up with someone even worse than a Chaos demon.

Why This Must Be Read: This is just too funny not to read. Seriously, how much more cracky can you get? It was one of the first fics I read on Twisting The Hellmouth. I loved it then and I still love it now. If you're looking for cracky pairings this should do it.

real men don't make cheesecake by troll princess (R)

Fandom Category: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean, Dean/OFC
Fic Title: Real Men Don't Make Cheesecake
Author: [Bad username: Troll Princess]
Link: story here
Rating/Warning(s): R
Genre: pre-series high school aged crack!

Why This Must Be Read: Because the image of a teenage Dean Winchester in a Home Ec class excelling at sewing, cooking and cross stitchery is something everyone needs to have in their mind. :D
I'm reccing this one more for the crackyness than the hettyness but I do heart Sukie, the OC.
  • aj

For I Have Stolen the Moon and Must Be Made to Pay For It by randomrattle, (NC-17)

Fandom Category: In Plain Sight
Pairing: Mary Shannon/Marshall Mann
Fic Title: For I Have Stolen the Moon and Must Be Made to Pay For It
Author: randomrattle
Link: http://randomrattle27.freeservers.com/M2-FIHSTMAMBMTPFI.html
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, violence and sex.
Genre: Crack, supernatural, crossover, romance, smut.
WIP?: Story is complete.

Why This Must Be Read: I am really kind of glad that the 'crack' challenge came up so I could rec this story. This is... very au. Very, very au. It also has Horatio Caine as a vampire which is just twelve kinds of genius. It's also incredibly readable in the ways of the best kind of crack. Mary and Marshall are the same and different all at once. That being said, the author did a great job of universe building here and it's worth a read for that alone. (And not just the Crazy Awesome.)
Hugh WTF?

"Into The Dark" by Kellie M. & Julia B. K. (NC-17 or PG-13)

Fandom Category: Star Trek: The Next Generation/Highlander: The Series/X-Files Crossover
Pairing: Guinan/Duncan
Fic Title: In The Dark
Author: Kellie M. (kellie@mrks.org) & Julia B. K.
Link: http://www.mrks.org/~kellie/fic/tng/trek.htm (Look for the story title on this page and follow the instructions to reach the story. Bear with me, and the author. The story is over 15 years old and was originally published online in the days of Usenet... Trust me though! So totally worth it!)
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17 (there is also a PG-13 version available)
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Crossover
WIP?: No... but it is first in a series...

Why This Must Be Read: OMG! OK... so imagine Guinan on Earth in the 90's, incognito. She runs into Mulder and Scully and kinda helps them with one of their investigations... which happens to deal with someone being beheaded by a sword. That's where, Duncan MacLeod comes in, along with his Watcher, Joe. And Guinan and MacLeod sorta hook-up, but he doesn't know about her being from another galaxy and already being like really old. Then the story fast-forwards to the time that Guinan is on the Enterprise and she runs into Duncan again. And they hook-up, again. Seriously, what's not to love about that, especially if you were watching TV in the 90s? The writing is superb and the plot is awesome. It is an excellent story and a fan of any or all of these fandoms can enjoy it.

Be Warned: In the sequel (Into The Light), it strays into threesome territory when Methos joins the party. And in the third story (Daybreak), it goes totally slash for Duncan and Methos. I am not reccing these stories independently here, since they fall outside the realm of "het." But, if you are up for it, they are great in their own rights and wonderful continuations of this cracktastic, incredibly well-written saga. (Further Note: The third story is available in the same archive as the first two... even though it says it isn't on the link page above! Trust me!)