June 10th, 2009


Challenge Sixteen

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has bi-weekly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge sixteen:

Fandom: NCIS
Deadline: June 24
Challenge: Rec your favorite NCIS fics. Any and all het pairings welcome! Just c/p the text below:

You do not need to ask for posting rights. Just become a member and rec your favorites!

Feel free to pimp this comm to your friends so that we get more NCIS fans!

  • aj

The Rough and Tumble Series by halfpenny-press (NC-17)

Fandom Category: Star Trek: Reboot
Pairing: Christine Chapel/Leonard McCoy
Fic Title: The Rough and Tumble Series
Author: halfpenny_press
Link: http://halfpenny-press.livejournal.com/tag/rough-and-tumble+series
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, kink
Genre: Smut, romance
WIP?: Each story is finished, but the series seems to be ongoing.

Why This Must Be Read: I kind of have zero interest in the new movie fandom. That being said, this got recced on my friend's list and I was kind of all "I'm sleepy, maybe reading some random kinky sex will wake me up!" And how! Bonus points are to be had for mocking Kirk and creative use of sickbay.
  • aj

Audience With The Queen by KJ (R)

Fandom Category: Star Trek: Voyager
Pairing: Kathryn Janeway/Harry Kim, Kathryn Janeway/Chakotay, Tal Celes/Harry Kim
Fic Title: Audience With The Queen
Author: KJ
Link: http://koffeeklub.net/kj/ncstories/QUEEN.html
Rating/Warning(s): R, crack.
Genre: Fixit, friendship, romance.
WIP?: Complete.

Why This Must Be Read: *coughs* Right, so I figured that I should be really, really late and go ahead and post one of my guilty pleasures. After Voyager ended, I got really, really mad about how everything shook out and decided that (relationship-wise) the two people who got screwed over the hardest at the end of the series were Kathryn Janeway and Harry Kim, and sure, it was insane, but wouldn't it be awesome if they ran off into the sunset with each other and were crazy-happy and everyone else could just SUCK IT? This is not that story, but it's the closest anyone's ever come.