November 30th, 2008


Just Kiss the Girl, by DC Luder (T)

Fandom Category: Batman, the comics
Pairing: Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle OR Batman/Catwoman
Fic Title: Just Kiss the Girl
Author: DC Luder
Rating/Warning(s): none
Genre: General, slight action/adventure
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: This author has a couple of Catwoman/Batman fics, and I like the tone of this one particularly. It's not overly emotional or dark, just Bruce Wayne being remarkably human when it comes to Selina Kyle, unable to fight an attraction that he knows will likely lead to trouble. The plot, revolving around Joker escaping again and Batman recapturing him, is perfect with the tone of the comics. But the understated romance is what gets me, and I love that Selina can catch Bruce offguard with her ways so easily. ;)

Haunted, by Ugly-Girl (T)

Fandom Category: Justice League
Pairing: Batman/Wonderwoman
Fic Title: Haunted
Author: Ugly_Girl
Rating/Warning(s): (T)
Genre: General
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: When Batman won't save himself, Diana decides to take matters into her own hands. Nicely suspenseful tale of Batman, his brooding guilt, and Diana's surprising solution. A great story. The haunting curse is basically Batman being haunted by all those innocent lives he never saved. It's rather perfect for his character, and a nice way to make this fic interesting on psychological level, exploring that vulnerable aspect of Batman's character.

Plus, since this is such a long fic, there are subtle moments here that are priceless. Wonderwoman hanging out with the Batclan, the subtle humor of the characters, etc. But the romance is the best, as they both try to flirt/pretense/outwit one another. As one other reviewer put it, it's seductive without being overly graphic, loving without be cutesy, passionate without being overwhelming, and makes the heart ache every time.