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For the Rain, by Peanutbutterer (pg-13)

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis, SG-1
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard
Fic Title: For the Rain
Author: peanutbutterer
Link: http://peanutbutterer.livejournal.com/58732.html
Rating/Warning(s): pg-13
Genre: AU
WIP?: No, just completed. ;)

Why This Must Be Read: I like to think of this is as my canon for the upcoming Vegas episode, where John Sheppard is a FBI agent (or something). Anyway, the Sheppard/Weir fandom has a supreme gift for creating AUs that everybody loves. They're always insanely creative and intelligent and unique, and PB's fics are no different. I love this story the most for it's snark. PB writes it like NCIS, with the constant flirting and humor, and there is no way anybody will be able to read this without laughing out loud several times. There's action, suspense, romance, angst, and my favorite kind of UST. Lovely, lovely fic that deserves to be read and reread.

Plus, it's got absolutely hilarious Cameron, Jack and Sam. What more could you ask for?

John opened the car door and offered his hand to Elizabeth. Reaching up, she grabbed it and allowed him to guide her out of her seat and toward the restaurant. Falling into step beside her he let his hand slip to rest on her lower back.

“What are you doing?” she whispered under her breath, showing no break in her professional façade.

John responded without shifting his gaze. “I’m escorting you in.”

“Yeah, I get that. But why is your hand on my ass?”

“It’s not on your – we’re married, I’m trying to pretend that I like you.” John held up three fingers and the hostess nodded, leading them to a quiet table on the patio. “You could help this little scene along by pretending to be remotely agreeable,” he continued once the young woman was out of earshot.

“Married? What are you talking about?”

“Caleb and Rebecca Green,” he reminded her, a note of exasperation finally slipping into his tone as he opened his menu and dropped a hand to her thigh just below the hem of her floral skirt. “Not advanced enough to learn the subtleties of aliases in Chicago? Still communicating though plastic cups and string?”

“In my office we actually read the mission breakdowns.” She swatted his hand away. “We’re siblings. Stop groping me.”
Tags: fandom: stargate sg1, fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: elizabeth weir/john sheppard

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