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The Way of Water (I) & The Long Spell of Rain (II) by Lian-hua, T

Fandom Category: Mulan
Pairing: Mulan/Shang
Fic Title: The Way of Water (I) & The Long Spell of Rain (II)
Author: Lian-hu
Rating/Warning(s): Rating T, torture, generally war
Genre: Drama/Angst
WIP?: No
Why This Must Be Read:  This is an epic work of Mulan/Shang angsty goodness. It starts some time after the movie and jumps right into the story, telling the audience that Shan-yu indeed did not die at the end of the movie but is very much alive... and it's Shang's and Mulan's job to defeat him, this time hopefully once and for all (and everything else would be telling ;)). 

This epic masterpiece is full of angst and romance and intrigue. There's loads of hurt/comfort and the development of Shang's and Mulan's relationship is wonderfully slow and logical. Lian-hua writes an awesome Mulan - young, headstrong and often enough insecure but underneath that strong and caring. Her Shang is dutiful and determined but also damaged and lonely underneath the stoic facade. How those two find a way to each other - and how they learn to keep what they have been blessed with - is gripping and amazingly well written. I really could read that story over and over again ;)s
Tags: fandom: mulan, ship: mulan/li shang

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