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Antiphony, by Cantare (R)

Fandom Category:  Aladdin (movie and tv series)
Pairing:  Jasmine/Mozenrath
Fic Title:  Antiphony
Author:  Cantare
Rating/Warning(s):  R
Genre:  Drama/Adventure
WIP?:  No

Why This Must Be Read:  I was so pleased to stumble on this!  It's so rare to find a Disney character piece that's so well-written, thoughtful and chalk full of action.  This story explores Jasmine as a fierce leader and the lengths she'll go to protect her city.  However, the longer she intently studies her enemy she finds herself drawn in by the mystery and power surrounding him.  Here's the official summary: 

Mozenrath challenges Jasmine to stop him from enacting a flawless plan. In the process she finds there can be much more at stake than everything.

You'd have to have seen the Aladdin tv show to know who Mozenrath was... but basically he's this evil wizard guy who tried taking over Agrabah every now and then.  The first time he attempts this, it's Jasmine who he underestimates and who trounces his plans.  He's very intelligent, intimidating, and rather attractive.  Here's some fanart by Scaragh to give you an idea of the chemistry between Jasmine and Mozenrath:

Mozenrath and Jasmine

Tags: fandom: aladdin, ship: jasmine/mozenrath

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