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In Each Place and Forever, by Bayloriffic (R)

Fandom Category: Lost
Pairing: Sawyer/Juliet
Fic Title: In Each Place and Forever
Author: Bayloriffic
Link: http://bayloriffic.livejournal.com/22379.html
Genre: AU (sideways!verse), episode-related
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Summary: In another dimension this is exactly what’s happening.

First off, THIS HAS SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES FINALE. I really am not sure how to rec this fic while avoiding said spoilers, so I'll keep this brief. Beautiful. In-Character. Warming. Perfectly in tune with the sideways!verse, but it's still them, the Saywer/Juliet that we fell in love with in s5. Read it if you love this pairing, because after that finale, you kinda need to find out what happened afterwards and this fic is a lovely exploration of that.

That first night, that night after the hospital, Juliet brings James home with her.

The ride to her house is a little strange. They don’t talk much, but he keeps his hand on her thigh the entire drive there, rubbing his thumb in gentle circles against the smooth skin of her knee. She feels like she can’t quite catch her breath, like this isn’t real at all, just some dream that she’s going to wake up from at any second.

When they finally make it through her front door, they can’t keep their hands off each other, stripping off their clothes as they stumble back to her bedroom.

They fall into bed together, and everything is so familiar and strange and when she’s moving over him, she has to close her eyes, everything feels too much and too strong and, just. It’s a little overwhelming, is all.

Afterward, they lay in her bed together, their bodies touching all up and down and she has missed him so much. Juliet lays her head on his chest, full of this feeling like she’ll never stop smiling. He smells different, like cologne, something light and vaguely spicy. It’s nice but incredibly disconcerting and she realizes that she misses the smell of cheap bar soap, the kind that used to come in on the sub every few months.

It’s a small thing, something that doesn’t even matter, but once she realizes it, she can’t stop focusing on it. She feels kind of on edge, like her whole body is buzzing with electricity. Juliet lays there, tries to relax and eventually, she drifts off to sleep.

A few hours later, she wakes up a jerk, gasping, her whole body shaking, this horrible feeling in her stomach like she’s falling and falling and falling.

“Juliet?” James says, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. He blinks at her, confused. “You okay?”

“James,” she gasps. She can still feel it, the way she felt weightless and heavy all at once, like she was flying and being dragged down, both at the same time. She doesn’t say anything else, just presses her face into his chest and sobs, just once, the sound muffled against his skin.

“Jesus, Jules,” he says, his voice is shaky and his chest vibrates against her ear. He holds her to him, almost too tight, making her feel grounded and safe and like she never wants him to let her go. She takes a few deep breaths, forces herself to calm down, to stop clutching at him so desperately. It was just a dream, she tells herself silently, repeating it over and over again like that will somehow make it true. It was just a dream.

James doesn’t say anything else, and she presses her face against his neck and he runs his hand up and down her back. After a little while, she starts pressing kisses against his skin, soft and gentle, and his hand on her back dips lower and lower and he’s hard against her, and this time she does keep her eyes open, biting her lip to keep from yelling out, even though David is staying at Jack’s tonight and there’s no one here to wake up.

Afterward, she lays on top of him, forces herself to stop shaking, and he whispers “I love you,” over and over again into her ear and she concentrates on that, scared of closing her eyes, afraid that feeling will come back if she does.

She feels James fall asleep pretty soon after that, but she stays awake, doesn’t fall asleep until it starts to get light outside, the bright California sun streaming in through her bedroom curtains.
Tags: fandom: lost, ship: juliet burke/james "sawyer" ford

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