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A Good Solution by Anr (PG)

Something about the Elizabeth Weir/John Sheppard dynamic really lends itself to alternate universes. There are at least a dozen livejournal communities that put this pairing into situations that have absolutely nothing to do with aliens and Stargates, and a plethora of individual fics written outside those communities that do the same. With such a wealth of material to draw from, I'm sure I'll be back again during this challenge, but to start:

Fandom Category: Stargate: Atlantis
Pairing: Elizabeh Weir/John Sheppard
Fic Title: A Good Solution
Author: anr
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: Alternate Universe
WIP?: Complete!

Why This Must Be Read: John and Elizabeth come from two very different camps when it comes to solving problems (both interplanetary and personal) and we see in the pilot episode that they're not afraid to confront each other about it. Throughout the series, as they experience an alien world they both change and grow and learn to work with each other - but that doesn't mean that they always fall into step. This fic puts that same dynamic in a completely different place - into the world of espionage. Combine spies and anr's subtle and flawless style and you've got an awesome fic that is definitely worth a read.
Tags: fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: elizabeth weir/john sheppard

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