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Running For Home by valhalla37

Fandom Category: Lost
Pairing: Daniel/Charlotte (background Sawyer/Juliet)
Fic Title: Running For Home
Author: valhalla37
Link: http://valhalla37.livejournal.com/32228.html#cutid1
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13 , some dark themes
Genre: AU, Domestic fic, Angst
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: valhalla37 is the queen of Dan/Charlotte fics, she does amazing things with the pairing. This fic retells season five from the end of “This Place is Death” onwards. It’s by turns sweet, angsty and sometimes down right scary, but ultimately it’s a very hopeful fic. We follow Daniel and Charlotte as they build a life together in the seventies. The details are stunning and full of realism and the end is far more harrowing than anything we saw in “The Incident”.

He can't fight the grin even though it feels foreign, like his muscles don't remember how, and Charlotte smiles in return, relaxing back into his embrace, sagging against his shoulder. It's a quiet refrain, again and again, until the others find them -- filthy and exhausted and sharing weary, almost-relieved sighs -- even when they stumble across that woman, Amy, and her husband, even when they wake up half-bound in the Dharma rec centre, Horace glowering above them.

We made it -- and this, in all of the things gone so wrong since the freighter left Fiji in its wake, since his mind first sparked and caught at the words time travel, he does believe.
Tags: fandom: lost, ship: charlotte lewis/daniel faraday, ship: juliet burke/james "sawyer" ford

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