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And In That Dreaming Weep by tielan (PG-13)

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard
Fic Title:
And In That Dreaming Weep
And In That Dreaming Weep
Rating/Warning(s): Sexual Suggestiveness
Genre: Angst Action/Adventure
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read:
tielan is both one of the best and most prolific John/Teyla fan fic writers out there. I would tell any fan interested in J/T stories to start with her work. She also writes as seldear. Her characterizations are thoughtful, sophisticated and insightful. Her premises are always creative and she never fails to intrigue me. This fic is an old one and bittersweet, which seems fitting as the show heads into its last few episodes. In it, John and Teyla are offworld when she is pulled into one of his nightmares and is saddened by how haunted and tortured John is. She awakens John to comfort him but their embrace turns intimate. Their chemistry is as crackling as ever but as Teyla confronts John over his refusal to accept that one day he will lose the team, her, Atlantis, the difference in the Earth and Pegasus viewpoint becomes clear. Tielan's stories are never just about the pairing and this one is no different; it too challenges the reader to think in a different way. You can find more of her work on FF and on under both pennames on her fanfic site. Neither has all of it. I urge you to go read her wonderful stories which span the gamut from AU to tragedy to novels to comedy to crackfic.
Tags: fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: teyla emmagen/john sheppard

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