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Flash Forward: Requiem by BlackMamba_Esq

Fandom Category: Flash Forward
Pairing: Demetri/Zoey with mentions of Mark, Simon, and Al
Fic Title: Requiem
Author: blackmamba_esq
Rating/Warning(s): R - language, sexual content, violence, dark fic
Genre: Angst, Drama
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This was hard. I knew which author I would pull, I just didn't know if it would be a Flash Forward or Ugly Betty fic. Any of my flisters know that this is a show I'm extremely frustrated by. It has so much potential and it's flatlining. Slipping deeper into the abyss each week. However Mamba does an excellent job of pulling her reader from the terrible reality of Flash Forward and into her fan fic author created world.

Cho's Demetri is my favorite character on the show. Tortured by the fact he didn't have a Flash Forward and struggling to come to grips with what that really means. This story covers all of that. How he is so consumed with his lack of Flash Forward that he fails to see what's happening to those tied to them. The ones who have already began to grieve and the others who refuse to give him up without a fight.

It's vivid...clear...depressing...gut wrenching...soul aching...

You have to read it.
Tags: fandom: flashforward, ship: zoey andata/demetri noh

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