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Shipper Manifesto: Bones (Booth/Brennan)

Getting this in just under the wire....

Fandom: Bones
Pairing: Temperance Brennan/Seeley Booth


Temperance Brennan: world-renowned forensic anthropologist and bestselling author.

Seeley Booth: former Army Ranger sniper and current FBI agent.

He wears funky ties, colorful socks and a cocky belt buckle. She believes that all of the world's problems can be explained by anthropology. They shouldn't work, but somehow, they do. They haven't always liked each other, but they've always had that chemistry, that flash and sizzle, that lights up the screen. Now, it's hard to imagine one without the other.

Most of the following recs are on the older side; I prefer to think of them as classics. Check 'em out, love 'em, and don't forget to leave the authors tons and tons of lovely comments.

Fic Rec #1 - Best Drama Story: Pour a Little Salt We Were Never Here and Somehow We're Always Waiting
Author: _missmargaret_
Link: Here and here.
Rating/Warning(s): PG and PG-13, respectively

Why This Must Be Read: I'm reccing these together, since "Somehow We're Always Waiting" is a direct sequel to "Pour a Little Salt" and I can't in good conscience leave you hanging after "Pour a Little Salt." I'm not gonna lie -- these stories hurt. They're based on the premise that Max is found guilty in "The Verdict in the Story" and that affects the relationships between all of the main characters, but most importantly, it almost destroys Booth and Brennan. Even if you're not a huge fan of angst, I would have to recommend that you give these two stories a try; they're just that amazing.

Fic Rec #2 - Best Action/Adventure Story: Feels Like Home
Author: bea.tricks
Rating/Warning(s): MATURE

Why This Must Be Read: This is case!fic as it was meant to be, but always underlying the case is the friendship-into-something-more between Booth and Brennan. The case is twisty and turny and I dare you to guess who the perp is before the reveal. The confrontation in the warehouse at the end is absolutely amazing and not to be missed. Also, there's some pretty hot smut here that there are just not words to describe.

Fic Rec #3 - Best Alternate Reality/Universe Story: As Empty As the Inside of Me
Author: _missmargaret_
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13

Why This Must Be Read: I'm reccing another _missmargaret_ fic, but that's because I can't not. What if Booth's undercover op from "The Pain in the Heart" wasn't so quickly resolved? That's the basis for this story and Miss M handles Brennan's emotions beautifully. The original characters (Booth's family) are completely three dimensional, which is sometimes hard to do, but they don't overwhelm the story; they enrich the story. Honestly, there aren't enough wonderful things I could say about this story of Miss M's writing in general.

Fic Rec #4 - Best Angst Story: Shortness of Breath
Author: ariades
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): K

Why This Must Be Read: This is another story that hurts. It's a gap-filler for "The Blonde in the Game" and shows that maybe Brennan wasn't as unaffected by Gil Lappin's death as she's shown to be on screen. This is such a beautifully crafted story that, I think, is meant to break your heart a little, and it definitely succeeds.

Fic Rec #5 - Best Fluff Story: Not Very Partner-Like
Author: thelastcity
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): T

Why This Must Be Read: Booth and Brennan sharing a hotel room after an apprehension gone wrong. This is a fairly short ficlet that, at first, wouldn't seem to be very fluffy, but I can guarantee you'll be smiling by the end.

Fic Rec #6 - Best Hurt/Comfort Story: If I Should Fall
Author: Liria247
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): K

Why This Must Be Read: The author's summary is as follows: Brennan returns from an expedition to Nicaragua, but all is not well when she unexpectedly falls ill. Even the strongest of us can crumble. Brennan turns to her friends for help, but never loses that inate Brennan stubbornness, especially when Booth is the one who wants to help. This story could be cliche, but it manages very well to stay original.

Fic Rec #7 - Best PWP/Kink Story: Sensate Focus
Author: 5SteamboatsShippingCo
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): MATURE

Why This Must Be Read: This story is long and doesn't get to the smut for a while, but believe me when I tell you that it is definitely worth the investment of time. Booth and Brennan, in the course of trying to be better friends to the newly broken-up Angela and Hodgins, find themselves in a friends-with-benefits relationship that's always been more than friends-with-benefits. The sex is hot and the rationalizations are perfect.

Fic Rec #8 - Best Long Story: How My Heart Behaves
Author: mia101
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): MATURE

Why This Must Be Read: This is another story that hurts. (Are you sensing a pattern here?) This isn't actually the longest story I've recced here, but it is one of the best. Booth and Brennan are both damaged people and it shows here, but at the same time, these are some of the most in-character characters I've had the pleasure of reading. And the sex here is pretty damn hot, too.

Fic Rec #9 - Best Short Story: I Call Your Excuse and Raise It a Request
Author: shadow71689
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG

Why This Must Be Read: Mainly dialogue-only, with wonderful, wonderful banter. Brennan needs a date and gives Booth a call. And that's about it.

Fic Rec #10 - Best Overall Romantic Story: From the Greek Paradeigma, Meaning "Example"
Author: daygloparker
Link: Here
Rating/Warning(s): PG

Why This Must Be Read: I didn't even know I needed this story in my life until I read it. The formatting's a bit unconventional, but that just adds to the charm of the story. While this is a story about Booth and Brennan (and a baby!), it's also a team!fic, with wonderful characterizations of everyone, even if they've only got a line or two. I could read this story again and again and again and never get tired of it.
Tags: fandom: bones, ship: temperance brennan/seeley booth, special: manifesto

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