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Tin Man Recs: DG/Cain

Fandom Category: Tin Man
Pairing: DG/Cain, Cain/Adora
Fic Title: Turn to Grey
Summary: After the demise of the witch, Cain faces a new OZ, with no black or white and no easy decisions.
Author: lizzelda 
Link: Turn to Grey
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Post-series, romance, angst
WIP?: One-shot, complete

Why this must be read: Because it isn't fluffy in any way, but still is full of the sort of fanfic goodness that leave you coming back for more. The author captures Cain's voice perfectly, and more importantly, gives us a Cain/DG that recognizes Cain's past. It's beautifully written and sorta heartbreaking too: it's short, sharp and it will prod you with the pointy end, but you'll love it anyway.

“How’s your shoulder?”
He stretches it automatically, wincing from a combination of stiffness and discomfort. “I’ll live,” he says, and the suit jumps into his mind, clear as a picture right in front of him. That isn’t living. He knows this.

Fandom Category: Tin Man
Pairing: DG/Cain
Fic Title: Winter Still
Summary: One day, without a doubt, she'll find a place where he can't follow her.
Author: columbuscrab 
Link: community.livejournal.com/dg_cain/196345.html#cutid1
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Genre: Post-series, romance, angst
WIP?: One-shot, complete

Why this must be read: Winter Still was my first Tin Man fic, and it spoiled me completely. It's the logical conclusion to the will they/won't they, almost-there romance of the Tin Man and the Princess, but without giving away anything of their respective characters. The author's voice is succint and his/her metaphors blindingly beautiful, especially regarding Cain and his tin suit.

Even as he gives her his word and shakes her father’s hand to seal the deal, he still can’t shake the unsettling feeling that churns in his stomach like a tornado in a cornfield, the feeling that somehow he’s bringing about the beginning of his own undoing. His instincts are screaming at him and flashing the emergency lights but he can’t refuse her warmth when he’s been left out in the cold for so, so long (there’s snow condensed around his organs and an icicle lodged somewhere in his heart but when she smiles he can feel his insides burn).

Fandom Category:
Tin Man
Pairing: DG/Cain, Az/Jeb
Fic Title: The Good Witch
Summary: The Witch is gone, but that doesn't mean the war is over.
Author: asphaltangel 
Link: countesscole.livejournal.com/59912.html#cutid1
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13?
Genre: Post-series, action, romance
WIP: In progress (Chap. 1-15 up so far)

Why This Must Be Read: The Good Witch takes off almost immediately after the show ends, and it's the fic for all of us that wondered what would happen next. It's a long story, and it's not finished yet, but it's worth the wait. The author has an excellent grasp of what it actually means to go to war, and the story seems to flow effortless. It actually made me cry a couple of times which seldom happens for me.

Movies, DG decided- even the goriest ones- didn't do a battlefield justice. You couldn't smell a movie, and even if it did have realistic swarms of flies, you didn't have to swat them away. And all of that happily ever after stuff was totally crap.

Except she was happy; she had her family back, had her home back... But there was supposed to be triumphant music, and maybe a parade. Confetti from the sky, too.

Instead, there was clean-up.

And all she could think about was being tired, and needing a shower, and wanting everyone to just... be okay
Tags: fandom: tin man, ship: dg/wyatt cain

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