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Grin and Bear It (Woodlake: an Interlude) by everagaby

Fandom Category: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Pairing: Sarah/Derek
Fic Title: Grin and Bear It
Author: everagaby
Link: everagaby.livejournal.com/71648.html
Rating/Warning(s): Adult
Genre/Summary: Kitten sweaters, town gardens and Parent Teacher Conferences: Derek Reese's own personal hell.
WIP?: No

Why this must be read: I think I've already seen this recced on here, but not for this challenge and it's so good it bears a re-rec. Sarah and Derek playing mom and pop in small town America. It's the ideal cover. The contrast between their lives and the lives of the small community around them is perfectly drawn. Sarah Connor and Derek Reese were never meant to live on Pomegranate St and go to Meet the Parents nights, but playing a happy couple has its advantages and there is fantastically hot up-against-a-wall-sex to compensate for the kitten sweaters and marriage certs. It's funny and awesome and very very hot. Go read.
Tags: fandom: terminator verse, ship: sarah connor/derek reese

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