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The Romantic Machinations of Timmy, The Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist... by anonymous (PG)

Fandom Category: Batman (Comics)
Pairing: Cassandra Cain/Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon/Dick Grayson
Fic Title: The Romantic Machinations of Timmy the Elf Who Didn't Want to be a Dentist, and His Faithless Sidekick, Yukon Cassandra OR A Story in Which Dick And Babs Are Doomed.
Author: Anonymous
Link: http://www.the-family-archives.com/stories/anonfic.txt
Rating/Warning(s): PG, AU.
Genre: Friendship, fluff, silliness, romance.
WIP?: Complete!

Why This Must Be Read: Because this is the best, most cracked-out Bat Family Christmas story ever written. Also, Tim and Cass accidentally date, and there's singing. And electrocution.
Tags: fandom: batman, fandom: comics, ship: barbara gordon/dick grayson, ship: cassandra cain/timothy drake

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