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Hands that Pray, Hands that Heal, by quirkysmuse, PG

Fandom Category: V, the series
Pairing: Erica Evans/Jack Landry UST
Fic Title: Hands that Pray, Hands that Heal
Author: quirkysmuse
Link: http://quirkysmuse.livejournal.com/174998.html?style=mine
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Genre: UST, AU, Future fic
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: A lovely piece. The voices here are perfectly in character, and the author captures Erica's thoughts and the taboo of her affections wonderfully. This story does a great job of showing Erica's frustration, with herself and the inability to do anything about her emotions because of the unintended chemistry between her and Jack. It shows her strengths and weakness, and the backdrop of the war against the V just manages to add a layer of intensity to it.

They started this Resistance together, and when they met others and made alliances, they were never apart (Erica made sure of that ever since Jack was attacked). Without his white collar, sometimes strangers assumed they were involved.
Tags: fandom: v, ship: erica evans/jack landry
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