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We're Always Saying Goodbye (G)

Fandom Category: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Angel
Pairing: Buffy/Angel
Fic Title: We're Always Saying Goodbye
Author: biggrstaffbunch
Link: http://biggrstaffbunch.livejournal.com/102066.html
Rating/Warning(s): G
Genre: Romance, post-Chosen/NFA
WIP?: Nope

Why This Must Be Read: The author summarizes, "They come full circle, one way or another. A short introspective on a Shanshu. Because there are never enough imaginings of this particular situation." I loved a lot of things about this fic, enough that I'm reccing it here, which I haven't yet done in the many months since I joined. Without spoiling anything, the author does a wonderful job of painting their relationship in simple but expressive tones, and I think she captures their mutual devotion in spite of the endless hurdles and hardships thrown by life (and Joss). The pacing is also remarkable--the fic takes place after the conclusion of both TV series (the comics seem irrelevant one way or another here, to the best of my knowledge), so after several lifetimes of fighting and fast decisions and pain, it's sweet to see the pair get to slow down together, and the author renders the scene beautifully. There's also a small dose of humor that makes the characterization that much better. Enjoy!
Tags: fandom: angel, fandom: buffy the vampire slayer, ship: buffy summers/angel

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