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Three Lie To Me recs (Cal Lightman/Gillian Foster)

Fandom Category: Lie To Me
Pairing: Gillian Foster/Cal Lightman
Fic Title: The Gentle Fall
Author: topaz_eyes
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, I guess the sex in the fic could be considered somewhat kinky (and the characters themselves definitely perceive it that way), but it (stimulation while clothed, one-sided) is quite mild by typical kink standards
Genre: PWP
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I'm normally somebody who prefers their fic not too sappy, so this fic is right up my alley. Foster's marriage is over and she's hurt and angry and makes a very concious decision to cope. It's all very much in character and wonderfully "adult" and very crisp as well, doesn't shy away from how complicated their relationship is. Of course it's not all clinical and there's a smidgen of promise for something more at the end. Over all I thought that it was quite the wonderful change of pace.

Fandom Category: Lie To Me
Pairing: Gillian Foster/Cal Lightman
Fic Title: Late Nights
Author: her_pseudonym
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17
Genre: PWP x2
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: You know everything I said about about prefering my fics grown up and free of sap and fluff? This fic completely changed my mind on that subject. I've always mostly seen Cal and Gillian as the typical internal obstacle pairing, two people who can't have a relationship because of their working situation, because of their relationships with others and their difference in personalities. But this fic reminded me about what's so special about their relationship, namely the amount of fun and easy rapport they can have with each other. At points it really feels almost like the dialog is running away with the author (particularly in Part 2), where even though it's a serious situation the two just can't help falling into their easy rapport and can't help making each other smile. Plus, there probably isn't a pairing in the world where the scenario about two people fessing up about the fantasies they've had about each other would be more light hearted and appropriate. It seems like an odd thing to remark on a PWP. but above all this fic and its dialog made me laugh and grin like an idiot. There's just something deeply appealihng about two people who take such great and natural delight in each other, both physically and intellectually.

BTW, if that is your thing, there is an angsty the serial killer made them do it (little brother of "aliens made them do it") by the same author.

Fandom Category: Lie To Me
Pairing: Gillian Foster/Cal Lightman
Fic Title:Not Honey
Author: djinn_fic
Rating/Warning(s): R

Why This Must Be Read: Probably the perfect marriage of the two concepts above, this fic manages to be both very crisp and at the same time captures the balance between comforting and sweet/dorky rapport those two have perfectly. Works as a coda to the infamous episode where Cal shows up at Gillian's door and asks to stay the night on her couch. And good sex is always a bonus.
Tags: fandom: lie to me, ship: gillian foster/cal lightman

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