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22 Dreams by adlervan (M)

Fandom Category: Life
Pairing: Charlie Crews/Dani Reese
Fic Title: 22 Dreams
Author: adlervan
Link: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4350393/1/22_Dreams
Rating/Warning(s): NC-17, graphic adult and sexual situations also, (skip) there's an implication of violence and rape, death of a minor character, one of the sexual situation has an implication of sex during a woman's period and some may construe one the sexual situations as of dubious consensual. Whoo, boy. I have used white coloured text, which you may highlight to learn about the spoilers of the fic.
Genre: Drama, angst, introspective, romance.
WIP?: Complete.
Why This Must Be Read: Oh my gosh, where do I start? The author wrote some of the first Life fics that I read. The story I'm reccing is gorgeous and fascinating and I really, really adore her Charlie because he's lovable and quirky but he has also has a very intense and dark side. He's real and so is Dani who is unsure in the beginning but so very herself. The characterization is awesome because the author never forgets that they're damaged people but when it comes to love, they are fiercely loyal. The writing of this fic is gorgeous. I am not bloody kidding. The author has a unique and profound of describing situations and surroundings. The romance is the highlight because it's amusing at first but it's true to the nature of the protagonists. GO READ, NOW :).
Tags: fandom: life, ship: dani reese/charlie crews

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