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12 Days Until the End of the World by londonsophie

Fandom Category: Spooks / MI5 (in the US)
Pairing: Zafar Younis/Jo Portman, Ruth Evershed/Harry Pearce
Fic Title: 12 Days Till the End of the World
Author: londonsophie
Link: Chapters: one and two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve
Rating/Warning(s): apocalypse, angst, distress, adult language, adult themes, violence, character death, spoilers through s5 Spooks
Genre: Apoco-fic, AU

<b>Why This Must Be Read:</b>

londonsophie is, very simply, one of the very best writers of anything involving Zaf, Adam and Jo that I've come across so far in the Spooks fandom. The chapters are long but not too long, the plot is twisty and gripping from start to finish and the dialogue is flawless. Even more: this isn't just about Zaf, Adam and Jo, far from it. It's got everyone. Harry, Malcolm, Ros, Ruth, Wes: everyone is given a fully-fleshed out and important role to play. I have to give a special note to the way londonsophie writes the female characters: like the show at its best, she gives them the perfect amount of attention, portraying them as fully human and never feeling the need to prove their credentials as tough in their own right.

The plot: a virulent lab-created virus takes hold of the UK. Five have to deal with the consequences for themselves and everyone else. With even just a little background knowledge, I'd suggest this as a medium length plotty read for anyone who enjoys a good apocalypse.


Malcolm likes to start the day by engaging in a stimulating verbal exchange with Radio 4.

“…it is becoming evident that this is truly pandemic influenza and not of the predicted avian flu H5N1.”

“Oh, well, no surprises there,” says Malcolm acidly to the kitchen at large.

“…characterised by a previously unseen H molecule on the virus which may suggests a non-avian source.”

“HIV came from monkeys,” offers Malcolm.

“…typing of the virus is being carried out at the Health Protection Agency and they will release further results later today.”

Malcolm pauses, and then he puts down his cup and reaches for the phone.


Harry too prefers Radio 4, best enjoyed whilst drinking tea standing up and reading the Times, but today he’s on the Grid by eight. Ros is already there, with BBC News 24 on the wall screen.
Tags: fandom: spooks (mi5), ship: jo portman/zafar younis, ship: ruth evershed/harry pearce

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