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Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe recs

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, Teyla Emmagan/John Sheppard, Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex
Fic Title: The Veil
Author: ShaViva
Link: The Veil on
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance, Supernatural (kinda)
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: ShaViva's Halloween story 2009 and a real gem. She's building up suspension very beautifully and it is indeed just the right kind of scary to read on rainy, foggy and cold fall evenings. In her story, science and myth are interwoven in a very genius way and there are some really juicy plot twists. Combine it with great interaction for all the mentioned couples (plus Zelenka and an OFC... finally someone who gives Radek a girl as well ;)) and you get a great read fall entertaining fall read.

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne
Fic Title: Regulation Risk
Author: ShaViva
Link: Regulation Risk on
Rating/Warning(s): T+
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Probably the first Cadman/Lorne story I ever read where Laura explicitely gives up her military career for being with Evan Lorne. One might argue that it makes her weak, giving up a very important part of herself for a man and all that but the way ShaViva writes it, it just makes sense. Her Laura is a very independent strong woman not willing to wait any longer to be with the man she wants, refusing to let them turn into another Sam Carter and Jack O'Neill, even though at the beginning she can't even be sure if Lorne wants her as much as she wants him. The decision she makes is her own and that's what makes the story so convincing. Well, plus the... action later on is just plain hot ;)

Fandom Category: Stargate Atlantis
Pairing: Laura Cadman/Evan Lorne, Jennifer Keller/Ronon Dex
Fic Title: Hours
Author: nika_dixon
Link: Hours on
Rating/Warning(s): T+
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Yes

Why This Must Be Read: I think I don't have to tell fans of the pairing Jennifer Keller and Ronon Dex how good nika_dixon is at writing them but with this she finally proves how well she can also write established Lorne/Cadman (until now... she always only gave us hints and UST in her stories ;)). The plot of this little gem is full of suspension, there are lots of hot Atlantis alpha males (alpha!Lorne and alpha!Ronon... just plain sex on two legs...) and she's so very good at giving us plot twist after plot twist. I both love the budding tension between Jennifer and Ronon (who is suffering in quiet so wonderfully) and the intimacy between Laura and Evan. I really, really hope she'll get back at continuing this story as soon as she can.

Fandom Category: Stargate Universe
Pairing: Vanessa James/Nicholas Rush
Fic Title: The Unfolding series
Author: rodlox
Link: Unfolding, Lit, In Dreams, Not Entirely Reincarnation
Rating/Warning(s): PG13
Genre: Romance
WIP?: Ongoing series of one-shots

rodlox gives us glimpses into a very out of the ordinary SGU pairing, 2nd Lt. Vanessa James and Dr. Nicholas Rush, both from their point of views and those of others (I especially enjoyed her Scott POV in "In Dreams" because as short as it was, it conveyed a very delicate mixture of bitterness and regret that was almost touching). It might sound rather unorthodox (and probably cracky) but in her stories, it works just fine... exceptional even. Her style may be sparse, but with that it just concentrates on the essential and still gives all her protagonists unique voices. "Lit" and "Not Entirely Reincarnation" are also episode tags (to "Light" and "Time", respectively) that tie in greatly with what happened on-screen. I really hope to see more of her Unfolding stories.

Also hereby requesting a fandom tag for Stargate Universe and a ship tag for Vanessa James/Nicholas Rush. Thanks :)
Tags: fandom: stargate universe, fandom: stargate: atlantis, ship: jennifer keller/ronon dex, ship: laura cadman/evan lorne, ship: teyla emmagen/john sheppard, ship: vanessa james/nicholas rush

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