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Tea & Domesticity by mrv3000 (PG)

Fandom Category: Doctor Who
Pairing: Rose Tyler/The Doctor 
Fic Title: Tea & Domesticity
Author: mrv3000
Rating/Warning(s): PG / spoilers through School Reunion
Genre: Humor
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: Sarah Jane just shines in this hilarious little one-shot where she plays the voice of reason to Rose and the Doctor's insanity. Great fic from start to finish!

She looked up from her newspaper towards the familiar sound coming from her garden.

Well, the Doctor certainly hadn't been on her agenda, but he never really was the type to stick to anyone's schedule.

The sound of the slamming TARDIS door made her move a bit quicker to her own door. She opened it to one Rose Tyler storming up to her. The TARDIS door opened again, the Doctor scowling as he emerged.

"Sarah Jane! So good to see you!" Rose caught her up into a hug.

She patted her. "Good to see you too, Rose. And Doctor."

"Sarah Jane," he said back in greeting, the perturbed look not leaving his face. He started towards the doorway, but Rose quickly held up a hand.

"No, you can stay out here, thanks. Private conversation. Mysterious human thing. You wouldn't understand."


"Yes, fine!"

"Go and have a cup of tea! See if I care!"

"I will!" Rose strode past Sarah Jane into the house.

And apparently she was having tea with Rose this morning. Maybe this was one of those time things where they'd made an appointment to have a cup of tea together, but hadn't actually made the appointment yet... But wouldn't she still know about it *now* then?

She pushed aside that confusing line of thinking and poked her head into the lounge. Rose had deposited herself on the sofa, her back to the window that looked out into the garden. And looked out at the Doctor, who was now pacing in front of the TARDIS, engaged in some sort of angry conversation with himself.
Tags: fandom: doctor who, ship: rose tyler/the doctor

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