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"The Ozian Declaration" [T] by elsiesnuffin

Fandom Category:The Big Bang Theory
Pairing: Sheldon/Penny
Fic Title: The Ozian Declaration
Author: [info]elsiesnuffin
Link: HERE @
Rating/Warning(s): T
Genre: Romance/Drama/Angst
WIP?: No

Why this is a must-read? Though the story spans over only eight days, it seems like a lifetime as Penny comes faces some tough decisions about her future as an actress and whether or not she should even remain in Pasadena. By introducing an fun original character—Penny's niece, Emma—to the mix, the author finally has someone else see what we, the reader/viewer have been all along with the special dynamic that Penny shares with Sheldon. There's a nice, natural pace to this story. Elsiesnuffin let's the characters and their dialogue do most of the work, and nothing about the relationships feels forced.

Also, there's a miniature golf outing, which is about when I fell in love with the story.
Tags: fandom: big bang theory, ship: penny/sheldon cooper

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