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My Back Pages by Delightfully Eccentric; The Rarest Faith by Marguetite

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: CJ/Toby
Fic Title: My Back Pages
Author: Delightfully Eccentric
Link: My Back Pages
Rating/Warning(s): Not Rated - Probably around PG13
Genre: Post-Admin
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: I think I first read this story in 2003ish, and I still think about it. The prose is evocative and beautiful, and the author captures the rhythm of Sorkin's dialogue. The story revolves around Toby's book, a novel, and the message it contains. It is a romance centered around words and friendship; exactly the type of romance I see Toby and CJ having.

Excerpt: "This is the problem with people who revere words," he continues, but CJ can tell he's being serious now. "The syllable-worshippers. They think the more words they can fit into a sentence, the better. We're not supposed to court words. We're supposed to take them and prostitute them to say what we want to

Fandom Category: The West Wing
Pairing: CJ/Toby, Donna/Josh, Abbey/Jed, Sam/OFC, and some others along the way
Fic Title: The Rarest Faith
Author: Marguerite
Link: I: Spirit of Great Events, II: A Mighty Thing, III: Healthy Irreverence, IV: The Surest Wisdom, V: Beginning to Believe, VI: The Triumph of Principles
Rating/Warning(s): PG13/R depending on the part
Genre: Post-Admin
WIP?: No

Why This Must Be Read: This is another story that has stayed with me for six years. Be warned, this story is epic; it has six parts which average 15,000 words each. Don't start it right before finals week. However, don't discount this gem because of its length. The Rarest Faith spans five years - 2006-2011. It follows all of the main characters from The West Wing as they leave the White House and try to make their way in the world again. I can't say too much about what happens without giving it all away, but I love this story and hope you will give it a chance. Read it for the realistic feeling relationships, the political drama, and the bits of humour throughout.

Excerpt: [Toby] looked down at the tapping pencil as if it were moving of its own volition. Stilled it. Continued looking at the markings - Faber-Castell, no. 2. Swallowed. "I understand that the Constitution allows for a total of eight years for a
President to be in office. I understand that we got here in '98 and we're
leaving in '06. I guess what I didn't really think about was that this is '06
and we're being evicted."

C.J. sighed. "It didn't seem real to me either, not until last night. When they
called it for Schiller. I mean, we knew Hoynes was going out, but this..."

"It's winding down. We're just figures in a cuckoo clock going 'round and 'round
with no destination. Slower and slower." Without looking at C.J., Toby held out
his hand and she clasped it between both of hers before bringing it to her lips.

"Come over tonight when you're done," she whispered.

They'd done this off and on for a decade. More frequently in the last few years,
especially after Sam had left for California. Comfort, solace, the unknotting of
their increasingly complicated lives.
Tags: fandom: west wing, ship: abbey bartlet/jed bartlet, ship: cj cregg/toby ziegler, ship: donna moss/josh lyman

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