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Powerpuff Girls, 4 Recs - Bubbles/Boomer, Blossom/Brick, Buttercup/Butch

As promised, more animated shipping! I'm a straight down the spectrum shipper when it comes to Powerpuff Girls, which means Reds, Blues, and Greens. The Blues (Bubbles/Boomer) are actually my favorite but apparently I'm in the minority so these recommendations won't show my personal preference. These are all stories with aged-up characters to probably high school or beyond.

Fandom: Powerpuff Girls

Pairing: Bubbles/Boomer for sure but there is definitely something going on with Blossom/Brick and even some interesting moments with Buttercup/Butch, there is also a fair amount of Buttercup/Mitch

Title:  Misconceptions

Author: Sandstorm3D


Rating/Warning(s): T/blood, gore, violence, death, child death, major character death, torture, injury, paralyzation, child abuse, tyranny, dystopian future, swearing, disabilist language, sexism, illness, malnutrition, (basically anything you can imagine happening if the world went to heck in a handbasket)

Genre: Adventure

Word Count/WIP?:  1,101,470; complete

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Special Rec: 6 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: First of all let me say I'm a pacifist. I normally avoid anything that involves a lot of fighting. I find it not only upsetting but also often uninteresting to read/watch. I dozed off during some of Captain America: The Winter Soldier's fight scenes (I was watching it on DVD). What makes this fic so good is that there is an incredible amount of character growth and relationship building during the fighting. It's the character growth and relationship building that make this fic, and they make it very, very well. The focus is, of course, on the Powerpuff Girls and the Rowdyruff Boys but we get some wonderful father-daughter support with the Professor as well as some great appearances of other known and loved characters (and some terrifying appearances of a few others). The Girls face a very grimdark future, without their powers, and this is the story of the alliances they make as they face the climactic battle for the future of the world. It's also, very much, the story of the Boys discovering they can be pretty dang heroic and that emotional support is not quite as unnecessary as they may want to believe. Sandstorm3D is working on a sequel which this world can fully support but trust me, the ending is pretty epic on its own.

Fandom: Powerpuff Girls

Pairing:  Blossom/Brick, with a little bit of Bubbles/Boomer interaction and some tragic shades of Buttercup/Butch

Title:  28

Author: mintbanana


Rating/Warning(s): T/violence, injury, emotional trauma

Genre: Drama/Romance

Word Count/WIP?:   64,758; complete

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Special Rec: 7 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: Brick bets Blossom he can get her to fall for him in 28 days. However the fic is just as much about Blossom's relationships with her sisters as it is about her relationship with Brick, or more precisely it's about how her evolving relationship with Brick influences her relationship with her sisters. The girls all get new powers which complicate things a good deal and ratchet up the intensity of Blossom having her world view rattled. At its heart, beyond the romance, this fic is about Blossom learning to chill, at least a little bit, and finding out it helps in all sorts of ways but especially in her interactions with others.

Fandom: Powerpuff Girls

Pairing:  Blossom/Brick

Title: LBD

Author: sbj


Rating/Warning(s): T/mild swearing, drinking, the "male gaze"

Genre: Vignette

Word Count/WIP?:    1,230; complete

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Special Rec: 8 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: It's sbj. I don't think it's possible to be in the PPG fandom and not know sbj. However, she has written others fics besides the epic More Than Human and this is a great one. It's a brief moment but it's fraught with UST and it's evocatively written. Like a dark chocolate truffle, it is best enjoyed in this small dose.

Fandom: Powerpuff Girls

Pairing:  Buttercup/Butch

Title:  Best Kept Secret 

Author: sbj


Rating/Warning(s): T/swearing, drinking, the "male gaze," property damage, emotional infidelity

Genre: Romance

Word Count/WIP?:     14,507; complete

Recced on LiveJournal By: roofshadow

Special Rec: 9 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: If romantic angst is your thing, Best Kept Secret is made to order. It is chock-full of Butch internally struggling with his unrequited (or so he thinks) love for his best friend, Buttercup, over something like a decade. The moments highlighted are handled with a deft touch and evoke the tumultuous emotions of the young and in love. I should also mention this is an epilogue to another of sbj's stories, A Skirt for Sunday Evening. Why didn't I recommend the both of them? Well, sbj herself has said she's uncomfortable with the attempted rape trope she used in A Skirt for Sunday Evening. It's also pretty obvious that A Skirt for Sunday Evening was written seven years before Best Kept Secret. We all, hopefully, become better writers with time. You won't completely understand Best Kept Secret without A Skirt for Sunday Evening so my advice is to skim A Skirt for Sunday Evening and then if anything comes up in Best Kept Secret that confuses you or makes you want to know more, go back and find the scene it refers to in A Skirt for Sunday Evening.


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