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Gravity Falls, 1 Rec - Pacifica Northwest/Dipper Pines

Okay, now for something off the wall. You'll see more animated titles in the entries to come but this one proves I'll ship without all that much provocation (and that I have a thing for the Belligerent Sexual Tension trope - or the most G rated version of it around).

Fandom: Gravity Falls

Pairing: Pacifica Northwest/Dipper Pines

Title:  Anyway, I've Been There

Author: Caleb Nova

Link: AO3

Rating/Warning(s): Teen And Up Audiences/Parental neglect, running away, canon typical supernatural fights and encounters, some "mean girl" behavior

Genre: Humor/Drama

Word Count/WIP?: 120,803; complete

Recced on LiveJournal By: roofshadow

Special Rec: 5 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: Most "Dipcifica" fic is of them in college and it really plays up the belligerent sexual tension. This fic stands out because it continues the story of the show. It deals with what happens after Dipper and Mabel return home from Gravity Falls. What do they tell their parents? How do they relate to their friends? What happens when you go from Weirdmageddon to PE class? Pacifica is presented as living in Malibu when her family isn't summering in Gravity Falls so the question arises, who would she have to turn to while she adjusts to all this too? There are great supernatural encounters. There is amazing sibling support between Dipper and Mabel. We check up on a number of beloved characters. If you love the show and can stomach Dipcifica, it's an amazing read. If you ship Dipcifica, it's a must read.


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