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Romantic Apocalypses by weekend_conspriracy_theorist

Fandom: James Bond
Pairing: Eve Moneypenny/Alec Trevalyn
Title: Romantic Apocalypses
Author: weekend_conspiracy_theorist
Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2769941
Rating/Warning(s): Mature, violence, main character death
Word Count/WIP?: 1225/No
Recced on Tumblr By: seren_ccd
Special Rec: 7 of ?

Why This Must Be Read: For a short fic based on two characters that don’t necessarily exist in the same ‘verse, this fic packs a wallop. I love Eve’s POV and you can from the glimpses you get of Alec, he’s wonderful. It’s sad and bittersweet and I want an entire novel about these two.

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Tags: fandom: james bond, ship: eve moneypenny/alec trevalyn, special reccer: seren_ccd

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