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Luke's Girl by Yahtzee (Han/Leia)

[This is my first post in het_reccers, but it will probably not be my last, at least as long as the Star Wars challenge is running. Feel free to tell me to be quiet if I talk too much. :)]

Fandom Category: Star Wars
Pairing: Han/Leia
Fic Title: Luke's Girl
Author: Yahtzee
Link: http://www.thechicagoloop.net/yahtzee/brackets/bracketfic/LukesGirl.htm
Rating/Warning(s): Teen, I guess? The author has it marked as PG on her page
Genre: Drama/romance; a series of vignettes taking place throughout the original trilogy
WIP?: Complete

Why This Must Be Read: "She was maddening sometimes -- but she was always interesting. And he needed to get to know her better. After all, she was going to be Luke's girl."

I recommend this story to every Han/Leia fan I talk to. There are lots of lovely Han/Leia stories on the net, but this is always the one I remember best. There's such a nice balance of Han/Leia romance and Han/Luke friendship, and the acknowledgment that the triangle is awkward and painful for all of them, not just Luke. I reread it every few years, and I always love it.
Tags: fandom: star wars, ship: leia organa/han solo

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