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An Honourable Estate by Siggy (Rated M)

Fandom: Cranford
Pairing: Laurentia Galindo/Edward Carter
Title: An Honourable Estate
Author: Siggy
Rating/Warning(s): Rated M
Word Count/WIP?: 102,074/No
Recced on LiveJournal By: crazymaryt
Special Rec: 6/20

Why This Must Be Read:This is a wonderful AU where Mr Carter lives. I like what the author does to change his fate. It works well for the Crandford story we see in the series. Getting to see Miss Galindo and him fall in love is delicious. And we get all the interaction with the others of Crandford. The story is fluffy and hot and the couple gets a happy ending. Which I have no problem with. It’s multi-chapter heaven.

Mods can I get a fandom tag for Cranford and a ship tag for Laurentia Galindo/Edward Carter?
Tags: fandom: cranford, ship: laurentia galindo/edward carter, special reccer: crazymaryt

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