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01 December 2016 @ 11:51 am
"In a Strange Land" by unoriginal-elizabeth (PG)  
Fandom: Narnia
Pairing: Aravis/Cor
Title: In a Strange Land
Author: unoriginal-elizabeth
Link: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/1564464/1/In-a-Strange-Land
Rating/Warning(s): PG
Word Count/WIP?: 3,055, complete
Recced on LiveJournal By: zantedesha
Special Rec: 1/31

Why This Must Be Read: For my very first Special Rec I’m turning to a Christmas classic: Narnia! But while both the 80's tv show and the newer movies were fuel for many a daydream, the books were always my favorite and none more than The Horse and His Boy. Aravis is the princess for the post-Disney crowd: fierce, fiery, flawed and flawless. And this lyrical story by unoriginal-elizabeth tells of both the pride she has in her people and her people’s history and the choice she made to remake herself into a better person, the person Cor right from the beginning saw her as.

Mods, can I have a Aravis/Cor tag? ;)
Katherine Joy Summersstars_inthe_sky on December 1st, 2016 06:55 pm (UTC)
Hey—we'd like to add the tag but have a couple of questions. Does Aravis have a last name? AO3 doesn't have one for her, but she seems to in other places. And then Cor appears to go by multiple names, which is just confusing.

Could you explain what's going on with their respective names so we can figure out how best to tag the pairing? Thanks!
zantedeshazantedesha on December 2nd, 2016 01:30 am (UTC)
It is a bit confusing, true: Cor goes by the name Shasta for most of the novel (turns out he's a lost prince from Arkenland by the name of Cor) but "Shasta" isn't mentioned at all in this fic, and also, true name vs. adopted name, so I chose Cor.

Aravis doens't really have a last name per se. I've seen her under "Aravis Tarkana", but "Tarkana" is more of a title like "princess" (male version is "Tarkan").

You guys actually already have a tag for this pairing, but that one's a bit messed up: The tag is Ship: Shasta/Cor (Aravis) - I presume the reccer tried for a Shasta/Cor slash Aravis and it came out that way? :)