Katherine Joy Summers (stars_inthe_sky) wrote in het_reccers,
Katherine Joy Summers

Mod Post: Community Happenings!

Whether you're welcoming autumn in the Northern Hemisphere or finally breathing in spring down south, happy September from het_reccers! Here's just a few things we have going on at the moment...

  • lanalucy recently created an AO3 collection to track fics hosted on the Archive that have been recced in this community. It's far from complete—and we'll need everyone's help for it to grow! Feel free to add stuff you or anyone else has recced. You can scroll to the bottom of any fic, click "Add to Collection," and type in "HetReccers." Alternatively, add any story as a bookmark by selecting the collection when you create or edit the bookmark. Either method will add to the collection and help more readers find these fics—and give reccers a quick way to see if their favorite story is someone else's, too. And thanks to lanalucy for a great idea!

  • Coming up, October is our birthday month! We'll be celebrating EIGHT whole years of fabulous het recs with a challenge centered around traditional anniversary gift themes, so get to brainstorming and stay tuned for more details on the first of the month.

Keep the recs coming!
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