sun gladiator ari (hariboo) wrote in het_reccers,
sun gladiator ari

Held So Dear by zeldadestry (R)

Fandom Category: The Painted Veil
Pairing: Kitty Fane/Walter Fane
Fic Title: Held So Dear
Author: zeldadestry
Rating/Warning(s): R; character death
Genre: romance
WIP?: no

Why This Must Be Read: Yuletide always seems to give gems for the most obscure fandoms at times-- you know those shows/movies/books that you wish there was more fic for-- and this is one of those fics. Perfect tag for the film; heartbreaking and poignant, you really feel Kitty's longing in the fic. It not only gives you some closure for the film, but it has lovely missing moments that depict wonderfully Walter and Kitty's sometimes difficult relationship.
Tags: fandom: painted veil, ship: kitty fane/walter fane

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