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Jackie Burkhart / Steven Hyde OneShot Reccs

Fandom Category: That 70's Show
Pairing: Jackie Burkhart / Steven Hyde

Fic Title: Jekyll And Hyde
Author: Mistiec
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Spoilers:  Takes place before "Black Dog"
Genre: Romance / Humor
WIP?: No [oneshot]

Why This Must Be Read:  Possibly my favourite oneshot of this couple; this fic is from the point of view of other characters (classmates) looking at the changes over the summer of S5, and the relationship between Jackie and Hyde.  It's interesting to see what their peers think - to hear the gossip and speculation - in the high school, which is not somewhere we see the characters often.  We then get to see from Hyde's POV which has really great dialogue and interaction between the couple.  Mistiec really manages to get into Hyde's head, capturing his attitudes and nuances, which is something I'm always a bit picky with in this fandom.  Brilliant characterization, and I love that it keeps the tone of the TV show.  A perfect mix of angst, fluff and humor. 

Fic Title: Four Love Confessions Jackie Never Heard
Author: liz at the disco
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Spoilers: “Going to California” “Black Dog” and “You Shook Me”
Genre: Romance / General
WIP?: No [oneshot]

Why This Must Be Read: Sweet and fluffy, with a tiny bit of angst - my favourite type of J/H fic.  Liz really gets into Hyde's head; and we know he thinks and feels much more than he ever says.  Excellently shows his inner confliction over how he feels and how he thinks he should feel.  Well written dialogue and perfectly in character.

Fic Title: That Whole Sleeping-Over Thing
Author: Kendra A
Rating/Warning(s): PG-13
Spoilers: "The Acid Queen"
Genre: Romance
WIP?: No [oneshot]

Why This Must Be Read:  As I said above, Hyde being in character is something that really makes a fic for me; and Kendra A writes Hyde brilliantly.  Another great fic that shows his inner conflict over what he feels and how he thinks he should feel; the author shows us inside his head and doesn't stray from the character we know and love.  The dialogue is lovely and fun; it feels like its been taken directly from the show.  And Jackie and Hyde are just so darn sweet!

Tags: fandom: that 70's show, ship: jackie burkhart/steven hyde

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