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"And On The Seventh Day, The New Queen Rose" by gryfndor_godess (Mature)

Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Dean Winchester/Bela Talbot
Title: And On The Seventh Day, The New Queen Rose
Author: gryfndor_godess
Rating/Warning(s): M ; dubious consent, references to torture
Word Count/WIP?: 3898 ; complete
Recced on LiveJournal By: red_b_rackham

Why This Must Be Read: This is dark and delicious. It starts out with Dean waking up to his eager last-night's-one-night-stand wanting to go another round, who then turns out to be not who or what he thought. I wasn't totally sure where it was going when I started reading, but by the end, it left me with shivers and feels. The author gets into Dean's head so well here - his confusion, realizations, guilt, and so on. It's so well done and the fic is a punch to the stomach in such a great (dark) kinda way.
Tags: fandom: supernatural, ship: bela talbot/dean winchester

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