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Challenge 155: Community Requests

In addition to any recs you wish to post at any time, the comm has monthly rec challenges issued by the mods.

Challenge 155:

Category: Community Requests
Deadline: March 1
Challenge: This month we’re helping our fellow het-reccers members find fic for the pairings they love! Take a look at the list of rec requests underneath the cut and if anything strikes a chord, share any fic recs you might have as new posts to the community. This challenge relies on YOU, so if you requested anything, please pay the favor forward and try to help somebody out as well, if you can!

As always, to post a rec on Tumblr, follow the simple directions on our submit page.

To post a rec on LiveJournal, you don’t need to ask for posting rights—just become a community member, copy/paste the text below, and post it as a new entry!

Click under the cut to check out the requests for this month!

General requests:

• I am a complete and utter sap for babyfic (for phantompopcorn)

• Your favourite arranged marriage/fake engagement or dating fics (for silverflight8)

Fandom specific requests:

Agent Carter, Peggy Carter/Edwin Jarvis. Any and all but preferably in compliance with the current show (for zantedesha)
Agent Carter, Peggy Carter/Anyone (including MCU characters) (for vikingprincess)

The Baby-sitters Club, any pairing (for ozqueen)

Community, Annie Edison/Jeff Winger (for seren_ccd)

Dragon Age Inquisition, Cullen Rutherford/Female!Inquisitor (for super_tricie341)
Dragon Age Origins, Alistair Theirin/Female!Warden (for super_tricie341)

Final Fantasy VII/Advent Children, Tifa Lockheart/Reno the Turk (for mirumototsubasa)
The Flash (TV), Caitlyn Snow/Jay Garrick (for secondalto)
Friends, Monica Geller/Chandler Bing (for ozqueen)
From Dusk Till Dawn, any pairing (for seren_ccd)
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Lan Fan/Ling Yao (for blithers)

Harry Potter, anything next-gen (for blithers)
Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy/Ginny Weasly (for mirumototsubasa)

Lost Girl, Kensi/Dyson (for zantedesha)

Marvel, Bobbi Morse/Clint Barton, especially if it's set in the MCU (for stars_inthe_sky)
Murdoch Mysteries, Julia Ogden/William Murdoch (for vickysg1)
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson, fics set after the season 3 finale, please (for vickysg1)

Once Upon a Time, Regina Mills/Robin Hood, I would love fics set during the Missing Year that don't contradict what little we know of the canon (for vickysg1)
One Tree Hill, any pairing (for ozqueen)

Penny Dreadful, Anyone/Anyone (for vikingprincess)
Pretty Little Liars, Spencer Hastings/Caleb Rivers (for zantedesha)
Pride and Prejudice, Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy (for blithers)

Reign, Mary Stuart/Francis de Valois. No modern AUs please (for singnovember)
Rizzoli & Isles, Jane Rizzoli/Casey Jones (for tree)

Sense and Sensibility, Elinor Dashwood/Colonel Brandon (for honor_reid)
Sherlock (BBC), Irene Adler/Sherlock Holmes. Would love especially anything close to BBC canon and am fine with less romantic sort of stories! (for silverflight8)
Skip Beat, Kyouko Mogami/Ren Tsuruga (for singnovember)
Star Trek, Nyota Uhura/Montgomery Scott, tos or aos (for honor_reid)
Star Wars, Leia Organa/Han Solo, original trilogy or SWTFA or anytime in between (for stars_inthe_sky)
Star Wars prequels, Padme Amidala/Obi-Wan Kenobi (for secondalto)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rey/Finn (for honor_reid)

Teen Wolf, Lydia Martin/Derek Hale (for seren_ccd)
Terminator 'verse, any pairing that doesn't involve humans being shipped with robots (for stars_inthe_sky)
Tiger and Bunny, Kotetsu T. Kaburagi(Wild Tiger)/Karina Lyle(Blue Rose) (for mirumototsubasa)

The West Wing, CJ Cregg/Toby Ziegler (for super_tricie341)

The X-Files, Dana Scully/Fox Mulder, specifically something set right before Requiem. Also love fic written while the early seasons were airing (for singnovember)
X-Men, Rogue/Remy 'Gambit' LeBeau, comics, movies, any universe (for vikingprincess)

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